Studio28 Have it all Wrapped Up

Chocolatier and chef Naomi Bray has updated her successful Studio28 Patisserie branding.

Naomi’s exquisite chocolate and cakes are extremely popular on Hoults Yard and found a wider audience when Covid closed the patisserie and she refocused her efforts online.

The online business went extremely well and continues to be busy – but Naomi was delighted to be able to reopen the patisserie when restrictions were eased.

She has strengthened her team, adding chefs Andrew McMaster and Rachael McMaster, and has updated her branding.

Move away from plastic

“I wanted to animate the brand, but also wanted to move away from plastic as much as possible. We spent some time experimenting with colours and packaging for our chocolates, but I’m delighted with what we’ve decided on,” Naomi explained.

“Things are going really well – the website is still really busy, particularly with celebration and wedding cakes – but the patisserie is busy too, now that restaurants have reopened.”

Studio28 New Branding

Studio28’s elegant new branding

Studio28 Patisserie supplies many of Tyneside’s most high-profile cafes and restaurants with their chocolates and cakes, all made on the Yard.

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